Our ability to evaluate talent and properly read and understand a resume sets us apart from the majority of our competitors.

Our search process requires that we identify only the highest quality of candidates by learning each region inside and out. This method requires years of experience and understanding.

We have strategically placed our consultants to work in specific regions of the country, with that mindset our experience level and work-ethic will exceed that of any other recruiter in that region.

At MMG we do not search job boards for our candidates. These are candidates that our clients can find on their own. They are known-commodities, who are more than often not relevant to our searches or our client’s needs.


Our approach is focused on the team aspect. Our process is one of teamwork, broken into 3 sectors. Teamwork with our clients, teamwork with our candidates and finally teamwork within our firm.


Our in-depth analysis of our client’s needs allows us to focus our search on only those candidates who are suitable.


As we discuss your next career move, our consultants take into consideration both personal and professional factors in order to determine the correct fit.


Our atmosphere of communication and collaboration allows each candidate and client access to all of our consultants.

Results Driven Reputation