MMG was founded on the belief that our success lies in our ability to improve lives of those we call our clients and candidates. We find that being a niche-base firm has enabled us to leverage the abilities of every member of our organization on behalf of each client and candidate.

We have found that we are consistently praised by our clients for presenting relevant, qualified candidates. We recognize that this saves not only our client’s time, but also the time of our candidates and our firm as a whole.

Our Mission

The mission of MMG is two-fold:
1. To provide the highest quality Executive Search services to our clients.
2. To build the leadership within these systems and strive to create a culture of excellence.

Our Values

In carrying out this mission we believe:
1. Clients should be viewed as being unique and treated as such.
2. Our process is designed to address the needs of the whole client and build upon the client’s strengths by promoting: Growth, Professionalism, Pride, Innovation, Quality.

Our Goals

We strive to:
1. Develop a cornerstone of strong leadership within each and every client.
2. To strengthen and reinforce the client’s reputation.
3. To help our clients create a culture of excellence.

Our Guarantee

1. Absolute confidentiality
2. Honesty
3. Integrity
4. Results